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Art 2 course. Lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, handouts, and examples. Designed for high school students.

WI State Standards:

  • AA Cr11h
    Plan: Formulate original concepts by practice, experimentation, and revision. (planning/experimentation)
  • AA Cr12h
    Make: Create works of art that introduce students to media, care of tools, and basic craftsmanship skills.
  • AA Pr10h
    Develop Meaning: Curate a body of work incorporating personal, historical and contemporary art to communicate one or more points of view.
    (aesthetics / communication)

Art II is a second year high school art course.

Prerequisites: successful completion of a full year of Art 1

Course available to: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Students will continue to build art vocabulary and apply it on an every day basis. Students will apply their knowledge of elements and principles of art, art history and aesthetics by creating art projects using a variety of techniques in painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, and other forms of fine art. The course is a studio type class. The focus of the course is experimenting with different art media. Students will try a variety of art techniques and materials to find what they like the most. Assignments must be completed according to times/dates as noted when assignment is given. If a student is absent, student must make up missed work. Making up assignments is the student’s responsibility. Students are required to participate in art activities at all times Full credit will be given to all FINISHED assignments turned in on time. Projects will be graded on the basis of appropriate incorporation of artistic elements, creativity/originality, proper use of art tools, and timely turning in of an assignment. Students must follow the teacher’s instructions to fulfill the project requirements. Art 2 is an advanced art course and expectations of your art work will be high. NOTE: Unless an assignment specifically requires copying, it will be interpreted in the same manner as plagiarism and is not acceptable.

semester 1

Focus on experimental media.

semester 2

Focus on skills and communication/expression.


semester 1

summative assignments


Imagination workout

surrealistic tree

Surrealist landscape



coffee painting

Coffee painting

formative assignments (practice)

tree drawing

Tree drawing

oil pastels

Oil pastels



semester 2

summative assignments

creative patterns

Pattern wrap



Symbolist collage painting



formative assignments (practice)

pen and ink

Pen & ink basics

landscape doodle pattern

Landscape doodle

colored pencils

Colored pencils


Weaving pattern

additional assignments


value design

Review values

notebook page

Notebook page

facial proportions

Facial proportions

pen & ink

creative patterns


rhino ink

Creative patterns

colored pencils

celtic knot

Celtic knots basics

celtic knot

Celtic design

celtic elements

Celtic design challenge

eye drawing

eye drawing

eye drawing

rings & circles pattern design

anamorphic drawing

architectural illusions

other media

oil pastels portrait

Oil pastels self-portrait


Oil pastels on transparency


Charcoal self-portrait



silk screen printing

Silk screen printing

sculpey canes

Sculpey canes



Design a van

Wisconsin essential standards rubric

  no evidence Beginning Emerging Proficient Advanced

AA1 Cr.11
planning & experimentation

Work is not complete and/or does not show the process from specified instructions or there is no evidence. The artwork does not fulfil the task. Steps were not followed. No evidence of careful planning and experimentation. The artwork is lacking the proper planning. Student did not follow all steps of the process and did not demonstrate effort and attention to details. Student followed the process, did accurate planning, experimented with Elements and Principles of Art. Artwork demonstrates effort and attention to details. Artwork demonstrates a careful planning. Work represents an advanced use of given elements and principles of design. Student displayed an outstanding effort in regards to application and understanding of the content. Artwork shows individual style, careful planning, multiple revisions and attention to details.

AA1 Cr.12

Work is not complete and/or does not show the process from specified instructions or there is no evidence. Student somewhat followed the process. Some steps are skipped or incomplete. Work requires major improvement. Student mostly followed the process. Work shows some skills and basic/partial understanding of the process. Student followed the process exactly as the instructions specified. Work shows proper use of skills and techniques. Student followed the process exactly as the instructions specified and, in addition, the piece exhibits evidence of creative experimentation beyond the required task. Craftsmanship and attention to details are flawless.

AA2 Pr.10
aesthetics & communication

The artwork does not comply with the task and instructions, there is no personal involvement in the process or there is no evidence. The artwork communicates little effort and personal emotional involvement in the process. Student tried using elements and principles of art to solve the aesthetic task. Some areas need improvement. Student used elements and principles of art properly and conveyed a clear message. Artwork shows individuality and effort. The artwork displays a clear meaning and style of the assignment. Artwork communicates specific art style or other requirements. The message is clearly communicated. Student went above and beyond in the use of Art Elements and Principles to convey a clear message, showed understanding of the task, and solved the task in the most creative way. Artwork shows individuality and emotion involvement.


1. All assignments must be completed on or before the due date.
2. Unfinished artwork is graded as such.
3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up all work. You can sign out art supplies if needed.
4. If your project requires extra time to be completed, you have to make arrangements with me prior the due date. This is your responsibility.
5. Each project has a rubric with specific requirements and guidelines. Follow them.
6. Unless an assignment specifically requires copying, it will be interpreted in the same manner as plagiarism.
7. You are also graded for your in-class studio work.


1. Food, drinks, candy, gum are not allowed in the Art rooms. A bottle of WATER is permitted in room 206 (only).
2. Cell phones are not allowed at any time. Phones should be turned off and put away.
3. Be in the room before the bell rings. Dropping your stuff and leaving does not qualify you as being on time.
4. Sit at your assigned seat unless I give you OK to move. That means you do not walk around the room during the class.
5. Talk quietly with students at your table. Do not talk during the instructional time.
6. Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!
7. Use materials from your tote-tray only... don't go into other people's trays.
8. You can bring your work home anytime. You are responsible for having it back next day.
9. If you must swear, please do it elsewhere... Thanks.
10. You are responsible for cleaning your work area and the tools that you used.
11. If you are in the Graphics lab, use the printers for the current ART assignments only!!!
12. Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way... treat them fairly and nicely. This room should be a fun and comfortable place for everyone.


art 2 lesson plans