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Final exam for semester 1

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Google Slides Portfolio presentation

Due on the day of your final exam.

Create a Google slides presentation.

slide 1: title slide
slides 2-5: portfolio slides - one project per slide, incliding description - 80%
slide 6: summary/reflection - 20%

If an assignment is missing or unfinished - it needs to be completed for a full credit.

I’ll be grading your portfolio based on:

  • Are all projects finished?
  • Your personal growth as an artist from project to project (every next project is done with more skills than the previous one).
  • Did you follow all instructions? Did you follow all steps? Did you use all materials the correct way?
  • Craftsmanship and attention to details.


slides 2-5

For each assignment, add a clear and legible image of it. Quality of the image matters! Have pride in your work!

Write an excerpt for each assignment describing your process and choices for each piece - 200 words

Example of a portfolio slide:


Imagination workout

surrealistic tree

Surrealistic landscape



coffee painting

Coffee painting


slide 6

Write an art critique of your portfolio and your personal growth.
The critique should be no less than 300 words.
It should be written in full sentences with proper spelling and punctuation.

Use art vocabulary to describe your personal growth from project to project.

What did you learn?

How (if) did you improve your art skills?

What are the areas of struggle? How do you think you can solve these problems?