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self-guided art tutorials
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Self-guided art tutorials are for all ages and artistic abilities.

Each course includes step-by-step instructions with lots of photos and graphics, lists of supplies and printable worksheets. Also, feel free to contact me for feedback! I am constantly updating and adding more resources to my web site. Please come back again!

All payments are securely processed by PayPal service (you do not need to have a PayPal account - it accepts all major credit cards).

Please contact me with any issues or questions.

art courses


studio 1

Complete self-guided introductory course for absolute beginners... [more]

Sample lesson | Students


studio 2

Complete self-guided art course for novice artists... [more]




digital photography

Self-guided introductory course for absolute beginners... [more]


Sample lesson | Students

art tutorials

the beauty of
colored pencils

colored pencils

PDF tutorial: learn the amazing possibilities of working with colored pencils... [more]




PDF tutorial: unconventional printmaking techniques that are easily done in ... [more]


as painting

Create an impressive artwork that resembles an antiqued oil painting... [more] | Login


paintings media

unusual painting media

Explore the possibilities. Two painting projects that do not require any paint.... [more] | Login


art & wine

landscape painting with trees

landscape 1

doodling & patterns

creative patterns

free high school courses

art 1

art 1 course

Art-1 is an introductory art class for beginners. The curriculum is for a year-long class. The structure is based on learning the Elements and Principles of Design.

Each element is a unit with a choice of assignments to practice and to apply the concepts of the Art Theory.

art 2

art 2

Art-2 is more advanced class, focusing on experimenting with art media. This is also a year-long class.

Once students have learned the basics at Art-1, it's time to experiment and to try different art techniques and media to choose their favorite. Each assignment is a different media, many of them are mix-media projects.

drawing & painting

drawing and painting

Drawing & Painting is an advanced art class, focusing on academic skills of drawing and painting. It is a semester class that targets students, who plan an artistic career in future.

Some of the assignments are college-level, just a bit adapted.