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self portrait

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collage self portrait

(My example is not finished...)

Use your printed photograph as a base for the collage. It can be any picture of you - full body, partial body, just the face...

Then add free-flowing shapes and fill them in with creative patterns to create a movement in the composition.

Additional cut-outs can be use for extra interest.




self portrait

Cut it out accurately. You can cut out the entire head, or just a face, or parts of the face. It's up to you.

Position it on the board. Cut out more images if you want to add them to your self-portrait.

glue glue

Apply spray glue to the back of the cutout and glue pieces to the board.

portrait collage

Divide the negative space into shapes.

Tie the background design with your face and the extra objects.

The background can be abstract or be an "extension" of your images.


After that - work on one area at a time.

collage drawing

Within the area plan out the structure of the patterns with a pencil.


Divide larger areas into smaller areas, then into even smaller areas.


Add patterns and textures to the shapes. Use your creativity and craftsmanship.

The designs should incorporate repeating units, adjusted to the overall shape of the area.

That means that the size of the units can vary..


Use fine-point Sharpie to draw the patterns. Use variety of patterns and designs.


Use optical illusion effects if you can to make your shapes create 3-D space.


Feel free to add small patterned areas over your photograph.

Use darker and lighter shapes and patterns to create a nice variety of values.


Erase pencil lines when you are done!