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optical illusion
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by JuliannaKunstler.com


Think of a notebook page as a surface, that can stretch, bend and wrap around objects. The lines on the page will also follow the form of the object.

In addition - shadows will be formed on the surface.


8.5"x11" drawing paper, ruler, blue pen, pencil, tortillon


optical illusion
notebook page
notebook page


quick guide

Draw an object (lightly) with all details. Do not shade.

Fill in the negative space with lines - connect the marks from both edges of the page..

Connect "broken" lines with curves, that follow the form of the object.

When you have multiple forms in a row - draw curves for each form.

Complete the lines.



Draw with fine lines.

Add enough details to make the drawing interesting.

Connect the marks with a ruler. Fill in only negative space - don't draw them through the object.

Connect broken lines with curves, that follow the form of your object.

Make sure these curves start and end on the same line.

Picture each form in your head.

Think how a line would wrap around it.

Think of a light source position.

Shade according to chiaroscuro pattern.

Use only small strokes. Shade lightly, build up the value layer by layer.

To make the lightest part "pop" - shade lightly some of the flat background areas next to the highlights.

Use a tortillon (paper stump) to blend the pencil marks.

Use circular motions.

Do not press hard - you don't want to push graphite into the paper - you want to keep it on the surface for easy blending.

Add drop shadows.

Remember: drop shadows are darker than the darkest part of an object.