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copying tips for your visual library
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types of patterns

linear patterns (ribbons)

Linear pattern is a continuous design, that can be expanded on two sides.

Linear patterns make nice borders and dividers between other patterns.

The pattern follows the direction of the shape, containing the design - like a pattern on a ribbon follows the ribbon.

radial patterns (center-based designs)

Radial patterns are symmetrical designs, that have a center and can expand indefinitely in all four directions.

Mandala is a good example of a radial design.

These designs can fit in a circle or a square.

Additional details can be added to a symmetrical design to make it more interesting.

grid patterns (wallpaper)

Grid patterns are based on grid structure.

Grid patterns can be expanded in all four directions.

The patterns can be flexible and "follow" or "wrap around" the forms that they drawn on.

free-form designs and patterns

Free-form patterns have no rules.

You can vary the size, the shape, the position, etc. of the design.



pen & ink + colored pencils


marker, colored pencils + acrylics


Drawing with a pen or a marker requires a full concentration and focus – you cannot erase any mark (or, even worse – white it out!!!). If you happen to make a wrong mark – incorporate it into design, use it to your advantage and modify the pattern. Get creative.

You cannot use any rulers or stencils to create the pattern elements. This type of drawing is great for practicing you eye-hand coordination.

worksheets 1 & 2

Copy the pattern elements. Start with w/s 1 - it has simpler designs, then progress to w/s 2. Explore the designs carefully. Find the "starting" element.

You might want to use a pencil first to lay out the design.

worksheet 3

Complete the patterns.

Try to see and understand the logic of the patterns.

worksheet 4

Do a research or come up with your own pattern elements.

Use positive and negative space equally.

worksheet 5

Do a research or come up with your own linear patterns.

worksheet 6

Do a research or come up with your own grid patterns.