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transform a van

creativity exercise

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Transform the van or the car into something they are not.....

vanold car

You have to use at least two parts of the original drawing in your creation.

It should be a dramatic transformation: van should not look like a van (or a truck, etc.)


re-designed van
re-designed van
re-designed van
re-designed car
re-designed van
re-designed van
re-designed van
re-designed van
re-designed car


1. Start with using a pencil to draw the outlines of your new creation.

2. Use whiteout to cover up all lines that you don't need.

3. Use a black pen or a Sharpie to add lines to your design.

Before you start coloring!!!!!

Make a copy of the drawing to make the coloring easy!

4. Color it. Make sure you use small pencil strokes, the coloring is solid, there are no "see-through" areas, colors are nicely blended and/transitioned.

5. The final drawing should look 3-D. That means you need to change color values as you color - add lights, highlights, shadows.

6. Craftsmanship matters!


Drawing steps

Final drawing contains at least 2 parts of the original image

Transformation is dramatic and creative

Procedures are followed (light pencil drawing, whiteout, image copy, Sharpie outline to match the image’s original line quality)

Use of coloring media (colored pencils):

Coloring technique – small pencil strokes, solid coloring (no see-through areas), color transitions

Coloring supports 3-D quality – highlights, shadows, etc.

Artistic quality:

Creativity and originality