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Random or irregular shapes and lines can stimulate your imaginative forces.

Print out the worksheets.

What do you think is hidden within each square?

Use existing shapes and lines to incorporate them into a realistic and recognizable object/setting/ place/person.

Start with sketching your ideas.


complete drawings
complete drawings
complete drawings
complete drawings
complete drawings


Treat each square as an independent artwork.

Once you came up with an idea - execute it using a pencil or a fine-point marker.

Use colored pencils to color the drawings.

Each square should be colored using one of the following schemes/options:

(use this link for scheme color choices)

  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Metallics
  • Grey-scale (achromatic)
  • Tints only
  • Complementary (Blues & Oranges)
  • Complementary (Yellows & Violets)
  • Warm colors only
  • Cool colors only
  • Neutrals

Coloring requirements:

  • 3D illusion (color values - lights & shadows)
  • Use multiple variations of colors
  • Color blending
  • Solid coloring
  • Short strokes