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WI State Standards:

  • AA Cr11h
    Plan: Formulate original concepts by practice, experimentation, and revision. (planning/experimentation)
  • AA Cr12h
    Make: Create works of art that introduce students to media, care of tools, and basic craftsmanship skills.

Learning targets:

  • Abstract thinking
  • Analyze and interpret created artwork
  • Use planning (sketching) to develop a unique outcome
  • Exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of the elements of art
  • Create original objects of art
  • Exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of colored pencil drawing and shading techniques
  • Demonstrate understanding of Color Theory and Color schemes
  • Demonstrate understanding of color values and chiaroscuro pattern.

Random or irregular shapes and lines can stimulate your imaginative forces.

Print out the worksheets. What do you think is hidden within each square?

Use existing shapes and lines to incorporate them into a realistic and recognizable object/setting/ place/person.


Start with sketching your ideas. Spend at least 2 class periods to plan your compositions. Make a decision on color schemes. Refresh your memory if you are not sure...



1. sketching (planning/experimenting)

Treat each square as an independent artwork. Focus on one composition at a time. Analyze it. What it reminds you of? What does it look like?

Use existing shapes and lines to incorporate them into a realistic and recognizable object/setting/ place/person. All existing lines should be used. You can only add to the drawing, not subtract from it.

Sketch out your ideas. Review them and modify if needed.

You should have a comprehensive sketch for each of the six compositions.

2. Drawing

Once you came up with an idea - execute it using a pencil and a fine-point marker (or a ball pen).

Carefully draw your additions to a composition with a pencil.

Outline it with a fine point marker or a black pen to match the existing lines.

3. Coloring

Use colored pencils to color the drawings.

Each square should be colored using one of the following color schemes/options:

(use this link for color choices)

  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Metallics
  • Grey-scale (achromatic)
  • Tints only
  • Complementary (Blues & Oranges)
  • Complementary (Yellows & Violets)
  • Warm colors only
  • Cool colors only
  • Neutrals

Coloring requirements:

  • 3D illusion (color values - lights & shadows)
  • Use multiple variations of colors
  • Color blending
  • Solid coloring
  • Short strokes
WI standards Grading Rubric
standard no evidence beginning emerging proficient advanced


planning / experimentation

No preliminary sketches were made

Assignment does not show enough evidence or is missing

Some sketches were made.

At least 3 drawings (out of 6) depict objective scenes

Drawings are based on preliminary sketches

All 6 drawings depict objective scenes

Drawings are objective.

Drawings incorporate the existing shapes and lines.

Drawings are creative.

Artwork demonstrates an extensive research and practice;

Drawings are telling stories that have characters

Drawings are detailed,

Artwork is unique and creative.



Assignment does not show enough evidence or is missing

Drawings are colored

Drawings are colored based on color schemes

Coloring is solid, small strokes.

Color schemes are labeled.

Coloring is done according to the requirements:
solid, small strokes, colors are blended, 3D coloring


Coloring is flawless, good color blending.

3D effect is achieved by utilizing the Chiaroscuro pattern.

Craftsmanship and attention to details are flawless;