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blog from scratch

How to build a blog or website from scratch for beginners. Step-by-step tutorials. Free to use. Using WordPress platform.

Creating a blog is not as hard and complicated as you might think. You do not need to know much coding or other "computer stuff" to start a comprehensive and user-friendly web site.

This tutorial is for beginners. Step-by-step instructions.

shopping list for art

Art supply shopping list

The complete shooping list with links to products that I use in my art classes.


Paul Rubens oil pastels

Review Paul Rubens oil pastels

My review on 72-color oil pastels set by Paul Rubens.

Lightwish oil pastels

Lightwish oil pastels

My review on 48-color oil pastels set by Lightwish.


essential standards for art
essential standards

Unpacking standards & completing the template..

google forms for tests
google forms

How to create a self-graded quiz with Google Forms

google pre-test
google forms studyguide

How to create a study-guide for a test in Google Forms.

google quizzes
google quiz

Google Quizzes.
Better than forms!!!!

wordpress lesson

getting started

free sites
web site

getting started

google sites
google site

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