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Your final portfolio should represent your current skill level and development as an artist.

It should show:

  • Your skills in your preffered media
  • Your experimentation with other media
  • Your personal style and creative voice
  • Drawing skills (including from observation!!)
  • Creative problem solving ability
  • Ability to reflect on and write about your creative process.

Your Artist Book (sketchbook)

Keep your visual journal. Things to work on:

  • live sketches from observation (things, buildings, animals, etc.)
  • gesture drawing (people sketches from observation)
  • daily journal with illustrations
  • illustrations
  • character development
  • studies (forms, shading, portraits, hands, etc)
  • sketches for summatives
  • promts
  • your choice of subject


visual diary


visual diary

web portfolio

Media exploration

silk screen printing

Silk screen printing

Past & Future

Illustration (book spread)

visual diary

visual diary


linoleum printing

object concentration