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observational drawing
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by JuliannaKunstler.com


  • photorealism
  • transformation (story telling)
  • colored pencils: blending and mixing colors
  • color values
  • reflective surfaces
  • contrasted textures

Pick a candy bar and draw 3 stages of eating it.

Keep the light source consistent.

Draw as realistically as possible. Do not ignore any details.

Pay attention to the reflective areas of the wrapper.



1. Sketching

Sketch up your candy bar to practice the forms and wrapper design.

Pay attention how wrapper design bends.

Use angles and measure proportions.

This step is necessary before you start the final drawing.

2. Drawing

Designate 3 areas on your drawing paper for each stage.

Start with the first stage - use your sketch.

Use a hard pencil (H or 2H) for fine thin lines.

Include every tiny detail, reflection, design, wrinkle, and shadow

3. Coloring

Start coloring with the largest solids.

Mix (blend) colors on a scrap paper to achieve a desired shade.

4. Next stage

Unwrap your candy bar

Position it at a different angle.

Repeat from step 1.