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portfolio II

final exam

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Google Slides Portfolio presentation:

Slide 1: title

Slide 2: about yourself

Slides.... artwork

Last Slide : Reflection (for the grade)

Google Slides Portfolio presentation

Due on the day of your final exam.

Create a Google slides presentation. If you are a senior - I recommend to download the presentation (or make a copy to your personal account) so you have access to it afret you graduate.

If you are planning on submitting your portfolio to an art school - make sure you know their requirements and follow them!!!!

1. inventory

Collect images (take new quality photos if needed) that you want to include.

Make shure you include all projects you did in this class.

2. sorting

Sort all images based on the media:

  • drawings
  • paintings
  • mixed media
  • printmaking
  • digital art
  • photography
  • 3D
  • artbook (sketches)
  • other

3. basic slides

slide 1: Create an intro slide with your name on it.

Make it eye-catching and personal. Keep it elegant though (less is more).

You can use your artwork as a background, or not.

You might want to include a list of media categories that you plan to include (maybe with the links)


slide 2: Create an "about me" slide to share some basic information about you (as an artist).

Could be your philosophy, thoughts, experience, favorite media, etc.

You can include your photo if you want to.


Slides: Create "media category" slides to separate artwork by media categories.

Keep them in the same style (colors, fonts, feel, etc.) as your intro slide.

4. art slides

Create an individual slide for each project.

Place a quality image. Crop unnesessary parts. Improve contrast and colors if needed.

Label each piece:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Description of medium used (be specific: graphite pencil on drawing paper, acrylics on canvas board, Prismacolor colored pencils on toned paper, etc.)
  • Size (W x H)
  • Process (observational drawing, linoleum printing, experimentation, etc.)
  • Meaning. Be brief.

for the grade:

If current semester assignment is missing or unfinished - it needs to be completed for a full credit.


Review all art pieces that you created during the semester.

Write an art critique on your portfolio pieces.
The critique should be no less than 500 words.
It should include:

  • How many pieces are in your portfolio? Are they all completed?
  • How did you grow as an artist from your earliest piece to the latest.
  • What did you learn by working on these pieces?
  • Your thoughts, ideas, reflections, etc.
  • Your own evaluation of your art portfolio. What grade is fair?

All projects should be finished. If any of them are not completely done – please make sure they are completed by the final exam day.