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visual diary

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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Create a personal visual diary for each month.

Record each day as a whole, or the most important aspect of that day, or the most memorable part or anything felt was important.

All days should be executed in the same style, color scheme, and art medium.



1. Reflect on your day:

  • What did you do today?
  • How did you feel today?
  • Whom did you meet today?
  • What happened in the world, country, town, school today?
  • What was the weather line? Did it affect your day?
  • How was your family today?
  • Were you busy or lazy?
  • Did you go shopping? What did you buy?
  • Did your dog eat your homework today?

2. Pick one event that you think can describe your day.

Record that event and illustrate it (sketch). Make sure to include the date.

In your worksheet:

  • Illustrate this event by sketching an image that would describe it. The image itself should convey the message.
  • You can add a few words if need to (as a part of the design)...
  • Use one to three words for the caption (below the design).
  • Incorporate a date into design.
  • Decide on colors and style to represent a happy day, a boring day, or a sad day...
  • Use colors in your worksheet design.

5. Finalizing the weekly diary:

Execute 7 drawings/paintings for each day of the week on illustration boards.

Use any media you want to.

Keep all weekly pictures in the same style and medium.

Don't forget the dates!