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past & future

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by JuliannaKunstler.com

(diptych = 2 pieces)

Diptych in art is a set of two panels (canvases, boards, etc) that create a single artwork and are viewed together. There should be something that unites the two pieces - style, shared shapes/lines, common horizon, etc

So the challenge is to create two pieces that have something in common, but are contrasting each other at the same time.

Create 2 pieces that depict:

  • Your personal past and the future as you see it
  • Your family/ancestors and your future family
  • Your town/city historic buildings and the future of it as you see it
  • Country, world, etc

Use color schemes, types of light, shape or texture contrast, etc. to define past and future. Compare, contradict, or merge while telling your story.

media: your choice


1. Start with a before-statement (use Google doc)

  • What do you want to depict in your pieces?
  • What message each board should convey?
  • How are you going to show contrast (what elements are you contrasting)
  • How are you going to show that both panels belong together?
  • What media are you going to use? Why?

2. Use your sketchbook to draw a series of thumbnails/sketches to develop the concept of your piece.

3. Create your pieces.

4. Write an after-statement/reflection

  • Describe the pieces you have made. What is your story?
  • Did you modify your initial idea? If so, why?
  • What materials were you using and why in that application?
  • How does this artwork represent your skills as an artist?
Submit to Google Classroom:
  • Shared document with before-and-after statements (2)
  • Sketches to show your thought process and project development
  • Final piece(s)