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media exploration

collage / mixed media
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Think of a message you want to communicate!

This can be an emotion, a concept, something you are passionate about...

Sketch and research!

You are going to create an art piece using mixed media. This art piece can be a single canvas, or a diptych, or a triptych:

  • size (canvas board or illustration board):
    • (3) 10x12
    • or (1) 18x24
  • media:
    • collage - at least 1/3 of the area - using magazine cutouts for color fill or communicating ideas;
    • choice of paint - watercolor, tempera, or acrylics
    • choice of graphic medium - marker, pen-and-ink, oil pastels, etc.

if you plan on more than one piece - they should look like a series - share a common theme, approach, composition, color scheme, etc.


your project will get displayed here. .. may be.... one day....

Before you start

Before you start - write a statement of what you want to accomplish:

  • What is it that you want to express with your pieces? (statement, emotions, message, etc.)
  • What media are you going to use?
  • Describe your thought process of how you are planning on using art elements to visually support the message (color scheme, contrasts, composition flow, additional texture, types of shapes, tonal value, etc.)
  • Use your sketchbook to draw a series of thumbnails/sketches to develop the concept of your piece
  • Search for references
  • Create a final sketch, decide on colors, media distribution, etc...


Submit :

  • "Before" statement
  • sketchbook work
  • final sketch


Follow your sketches ideas, but feel free to change things as you go.

Start with texture and collage (magazine cutouts) before painting.

After you are done

After you are done - write a description of the finished pieces - (one description for the entire assignment in full sentences):

  • Describe the pieces you have made. Why that subject matter?
  • Did you modify your initial ideas? If so, why?
  • What materials were you using and why in that application?
  • How does this artwork represent your skills as an artist?
Submit to Google Classroom:
  • Shared document with before-and-after statements (2)
  • Sketches to show your thought process and project development (sketchbook)
  • Final sketch
  • Final piece(s)

Collage tips

Dominant color

Some images/photos have a color/colors that dominate over the rest of them.

After you decided on your color scheme - collect magazine cutouts that would fit into the scheme.

Group them.

Cover the areas with the pieces.

Overlap them to hide the background.

The pieces can be of different size and shape.

They can also support your theme.

You can rip them...... or cut them, or both...

Keep in mind - smaller pieces look more homogeneous.

You can also create color transitions.