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final assignment
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Show your ability to manipulate images using basic Photoshop techniques!

Start by downloading the image. Open it in Photoshop.

Save is as .psd file

Here is a list of modifications you need to do:

1. improve contrast

2. change a color

3. remove elements

4. add objects

5. add space

6. fill it in with a color that you sampled from the image itself

7. add text

8. add effects to the text layer

9. optimize as .jpg and submit

10. have fun!


assignment steps:


1. improve contrast

Start with improving a contrast.

Your best option is using Levels.

(here is a link to that lesson)

2. replace color

Remove yellow color from the cars.

Turn yellow into green. Try to match the existing color.

(here is a link to that lesson)

Make selections first. Choose a selection tool that you think is appropriate.

3. Remove elements

Cover the smoke and the tree.

Make sure these areas are visible as you add more details to the project!

(here is a link to that lesson)

Now the background is ready!


making it fun!

4. adding elements

Add at least 3 objects to the image.

You will have to remove their backgrounds first!

(here is a link to layers, and a link to removing backgrounds lessons).

Have fun with this step. Create a visual story or illustration - don't just add random images. Be creative!

5. expanding image

Expand the image at the bottom.

(here is a link to that lesson)

Add another layer behind the image.

6. add color

Fill it in with a color that you sample from one of your objects (use eyedropper tool).

It should look something like this.

7. Add text

Add some text to your image. Make it meaningful.

Experiment with fonts.

Apply colors that you sampled from the image.

8. add effects

Add layer effects (Drop Shadow or/and Bevel&Emboss).

(here is a link to that lesson).

9. Optimize image

Optimize image as .jpg

Submit it.