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Coloring books are fun, especially if you can advance your art skills and techniques while doing that.

Coloring books do not have to be a monotonous mindless coloring between the lines. You can enhance any design by coloring it with a variety of media, approaches, and techniques. Don't be afraid to experiment - you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you're done.

Learning does not have to be boring!

In this section of my web site I offer you some starting techniques. Art of Coloring can be a real Art!

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Where to start?

pick your book coloring medium:

If you choose colored pencils:

Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

colored pencils and coloring books

If you choose markers or pens:

Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

markers & pens and coloring books

If you are not sure where to start - start there:

colored pencils 101

markers & pens 101

coloring tip

Even though I cover here colored pencils and markers/pens separately, you can achieve great effects if you combine both media in one design.

Each medium has its own benefits:

  • Colored pencils are great for blending colors, to create color gradations and to add depth to a shape for a 3-D look.
  • Most markers are good for coloring patterns with solod colors. They allow you to layer the colors too.
  • Pens and gel pens are great for fine details to add some special effects (like metallic and glitter texture).

Click on the image to enlarge or see the examples below:

Four colored pencils were used to color and shade the flower pattern here. Small areas of the negative space (background) were colored with a marker.

Two different types of marker and techniques were used here to color the patterns: color layering in the top green area and traditional coloring of the blue pattern.

Three gel pens (different shades of gold) were used as an embelishment - I do not like to overuse them. They can add dimension to your design.

my books color reference:

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Art Nouveau patterns I

Art Deco Patterns I

Victorian Patterns I