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What is a coloring art print?

Art prints for coloring is an advanced alternative to coloring books.

Each print is a 12"x18" original drawing that is printed on acid-free watercolor paper. High quality paper is suitable for all art media - including watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, inks, markers, or a combination of the above.

Why art prints?

My original drawings were inspired by Art Nouveau and Victorian Art. Each painting/drawing that you complete will become a unique artwork that reflects your individuality. These art prints are a great way to practice your painting/coloring skills. If you are confused and don't know where to start - I am here for you.

How do you color art prints?

Below are some tips and tricks to make your coloring experience more meaningful and satisfying. I also included some samples of finished colored prints so they can be used as a reference.

  • coloring prints with colored pencils
  • coloring prints with markers & pens
  • coloring prints with acrylics
  • coloring prints with watercolors
  • coloring prints with w/color pencils
  • Where can I find the colored examples?

    Scroll down. They are down there :)

    coloring art prints

    coloring example

    Where to start?

    pick your coloring medium:

    If you choose colored pencils:

    Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

    colored pencils and art prints

    pencils I use:

    paid links

    Prismacolor premier 72

    Prismacolor premier 24

    pencil blender 12

    If you choose markers and pens:

    Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

    markers, pens, and art prints

    markers I use:

    paid links

    color markers

    alcohol-based markers

    Prismacolor markers

    oil-based markers

    paint markers

    If you choose painting with acrylics:

    Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

    acrylics and art prints

    paint I use:

    paid links

    acrylics 12

    acrylics 6

    drying retarder

    round brushes

    If you choose painting with watercolors:

    Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

    watercolors and art prints

    watercolors I use:

    paid links

    professional set 36

    flat brushes

    flat brushes

    If you choose watercolor pencils:

    Follow the link below to see the coloring guide.

    watercolor pencils and art prints

    watercolor pencils I use:

    paid links

    watercolor pencils 12

    watercolor pencils 24

    If you are not sure where to start - start there:

    colored pencils 101

    w/color pencils 101

    markers & pens 101

    watercolors 101

    acrylics 101

    my coloring reference:

    click on the image to zoom

    Please note:
    Some images are for color reference only - they have not been colored by hand.


    Art Nouveau designs