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Paul Rubens 72-color oil pastels


by JuliannaKunstler.com


Paul Rubens 72-color oil pastels set

The set came nicely packaged, pretty heavy, in a wrapped sturdy box.

None of the pastels came broken, which it really cool, considering the long trip they took.

The set came with a booklet, professionally printed with all specifications and a color guide.

Just as a tip: I would sort them by hue before you start using them - makes it easier and faster to decide on a color.

For example: all greens, all blues, neutrals, etc.

Each pastel sits tight in its place.

Easy to take out and put back in.

testing & impressions

The size of a pastel is standard. It feels like most artist quality and professional oil pastels are.I first tried it on a cold press illustration board with a smooth finish.

The first pastel I tried gave a nice coverage, felt oily (good thing!), and left nice textured strokes behind.

Some colors are softer than others and have different coverage and blending ability.

I felt a difference between colors applications - some pastels are much softer and nicer. But that, again, depends on a pigment and this is the case for most oil pastel sets - there always will be a few that are a little harder and don't blend as easily.

oil pastels

None of the pastels broke or crumbled (good thing!) as I tried other techniques.

These pastels left enough of themselves on the surface to be easily manipulated.

Layering works well too. Nice, solid coverage. You can easily remove the top layer and it reveals the colors under. That means the pigments got into the paper and are strong. (Good thing).

Overall I had a good experience.

other surfaces

oil pastels

The pastels also worked very well on a specialty paper. You can see the vibrant colors and intense coverage.

Blending also worked nicely. Layering is even better than on a smooth surface. Pastels are really soft and easy to handle. Smudging - as you see - is perfect. Sgraffito works well, but mostly reveals the colored paper. This is not good or bad - this is a difference between using a white background and a colored background.


Paul Rubens oil pastels

Overall, I like the set.

It gives you plenty of color options.

Pastels are very soft and provide a good solid coverage.

They are easy to blend and mix, work on different surfaces.

I am going to use them.

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