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Julianna Kunstler's Art resource for artists,teachers, and parents. Complete high school Art Department curriculum, art portfolio, lesson plans & tutorials, coloring projects, and more. Official site of Julianna Kunstler.

This site is one of my creative projects. It originally started as a teaching tool for my high school art class. It all started around 2006 when I realized that I have way too much paper resources for my lesson plans. I decided to organize my lessons, presentations, handouts, worksheets, and tests in one place.

My primary goal is to develop a comprehensive creative online space, where anyone can learn about art and art making, regardless of age and artistic abilities.

I am exited to share my skills and knowledge to show that art is accessible to anyone. People limit themselves thinking that making art is only for artists. I want to prove that sometimes all it takes is small steps in following simple rules.

My entire Art Curriculum is free to use for everyone. I am only asking you to credit me if you are going to repost my lessons.

Latest lessons:

Art 1

color scheme painting

color cubes


Space in Graphic Design

Art 1

color wheel

interactive color schemes




image trace

image trace

Art 1

color scheme painting

obscure color wheel

Art 1

textures study

Texture Study

New videos


professional artist
professional artist
professional artist
your idea starts here
coloring victorian patterns
coloring art deco patterns
coloring art nouveau patterns
zen doodle

coloring art prints

my projects

adult art tutorials


If you are interested in Art courses , visit my Tutorials page.

I've developed a few self-guided courses and tutorials that offer basic artistic skills development in a fun, non-intimidating way. They are suitable for all ages - from teenagers to seniors.

All courses and individual lessons are self-guided tutorials with lots of images and step-by-step instructions.

art tutorials:

STUDIO 1: Self-guided online art course for absolute beginners

STUDIO 2: Studio II is an Art course for beginner artists and a continuation of Studio I class. 

Digital Photography: Introductory course to digital imaging.

For high school art lessons visit my free art classes page.

other projects

In addition to running this web site, I am currently working on other projects.

My biggest one is the "ART of COLORING" resource. This is going to be an ultimate place to come when you have any coloring questions. I have already published a few coloring books portraying different Art styles. In addition to the books, I offer free coloring tips and tricks. They are available to everyone here. The idea behind the coloring resource is not just provide information about the use of coloring media, but also to supply some tips on choosing colors, combining media, and taking the coloring process to a higher level.

I have also created a series of coloring art prints. Coloring pages are creative alternative to coloring books. These are another step up the ladder for coloring enthusiasts. You can create your own art with some guidance. Acid-free 12"x18" paper is suitable for coloring with watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, inks, markers, etc

I have also started a resource for "doodling" and "Zen-tangle" artists. I simply called it "Creative Patterns". Here I uploaded some patterns with step-by-step instructions.

coloring books

coloring book

art prints

coloring art print

creative patterns

creative patterns


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