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Chose FOUR out of the nine textures :

  • Fur
  • Bark
  • Feathers
  • Leaves
  • Metal
  • Slime
  • Snake skin
  • Stone / rocks
  • Wood

Following required:

  • Label each texture
  • Attention to detail
  • Value: tint to shade using texture
  • Use ONLY pencil value
  • Fill the ENTIRETY of the square on the worksheet

Reference images:


1. Work on 1 texture at a time.

2. Analyze the reference image: is the texture soft? rough? bumpy? What kind of strokes and shading techniques should be used? What is the direction of the strokes? Are there any defined shapes in the texture pattern? What is the contrast? Do you need blending?

3. What's the overall value of the texture?

4. What are reflective qualities?

5. Use very sharp pencil to get all little details.

6. Eraser is your drawing tool as well!