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forms in one point perspective

grid method

by JuliannaKunstler.com

learning objectives:

grid plan
  • Define vanishing point, horizon line, receding lines
  • Use 1-pt. perspective to create a grid
  • Render complex forms on a grid plane



vanishing point
receding lines
shape and form



final drawing

Create 3-D forms on a grid plane.

Apply color values to support the illusion of space.

1. grid

grid step 1

Grid dimensions: 15 x 15 squares

Draw the front side of the grid and divide it into 15 segments.

Connect each marks on the line with the vanishing point.

grid step 2

Complete the grid using the "checkerboard" method.

2. planning

grid layout

These are the shapes that you need to build in 1-point perspective

grid step 3

Position the shapes on the grid.

You can shade them or outline lightly.

3. building forms

one point perspective drawing

Build one form at a time.

box in perspective

Draw vertical lines from each shape's corner

Define the height of the form (you decide on the height)


  • All vertical lines stay vertical
  • All horizontal lines stay horizontal
  • All lines, that show depth - go to the vanishing point
  • Draw all lines (corners) even if they are not visible
block in perspective

Make a rectangular cutout into the biggest form (as shown).

constructing a cutout:

one point perspective drawing

Start with a simple block form.

one point perspective drawing

If you placed it in the center of the grid - you will have two sides visible: the front and the top.

Remember: the front side is where you do all extra measurements and form changes.

cutout in perspective

Draw a cut-out on the front of the block.

cutout in perspective

Connect all new corners to the vanishing point

cutout in perspective

Where the back top corner line crosses the new receding lines - draw two vertical lines down to the other two receding lines.

cutout in perspective

Connect the two points with a horizontal line.

cutout in perspective

The new form is done.

cutout final view

Now you can erase the construction lines.

one point perspective drawingone point perspective drawing

Continue with the rest of the forms.

one point perspective drawing

Outline all visible corners.

one point perspective drawing

Color the forms using a variety of color values - keep the values consistent.