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fill in the shelves

editing tools

by JuliannaKunstler.com

There are two tasks for you in this exercise:

1. Remove all unwanted objects from the foreground.

original image background

2. Add a jar to each shelf.

Make them look as they belong on these shelves. Manipulate colors, contrast, levels, saturation, etc.

Emphasize on of them by making it glow.






Select an area of the image that can be used to cover the objects and to match the background.

Most of the time that would be an area close to what you want to cover.

It does not have to be this particular area. You can select your own. But it has to work!!!!

Make a selection. Copy. Paste.


Now move this new "patch" to cover the objects.

Don't worry if it does not fit perfectly... That's why we have all these Transform Tools!!!

transform selection

Once you adjusted the center, select a side of the "patch" and stretch it to cover all objects. (Free Transform, Distort, Warp, etc.).

transform selection

Repeat the steps for the other side of the "patch"

transform selection

Once the objects are covered - try to align the boards.

Use Distort and Warp options.

color matching

Match the colors and values.

Use Soft eraser to blend the "patch" into the background.

Restore spider webs and the tools on the shelves that were covered by the objects.

Quick refresh on the tools to use:

healing brush

Healing Brush and Patch Tool work after you merge the layers.

They are perfect foot fixing the edges of the "patch".

Remember this assignment?

fixing photos

fixing photos

clone stamp tool

To restore webs and tools - use Clone Stamp Tool.

If you choose "Sample All Layers" option - you won't have to merge the layers.

smudge tool

You might use Smudge Tool for blending.

Just don't overdo it!!!!

dodge and burn tools


Dodge Tool makes it lighter. Burn Tool makes it darker.


Add the jars!

Start with removing the background.

Experiment with layer blending modes, layer opacity, image adjustment options (color balance, levels, hue, saturation, etc.)

Use Layer Masks to remove/hide parts of the image.

Use Layer styles and filters to make one jar glow.