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value scales


by JuliannaKunstler.com


Open the work file in Adobe Illustrator. There are 4 value scales in your work file.

#1 - value scale - 11 blocks


Apply assignes amount of BLACK into each block to create a scale from 100%(black) to 0% (white)

Choose Selection tool to select a square :

Open Color Palette (Window > Color):

Make sure the "FILL SWATCH" is on the top. Click on BLACK color swatch at the bottom right corner of the palette, then drag the slider to a required position.

#2 - value scale - gradient

Select white area inside. Use Selection tool.

Go to the TOOL BOX. At the bottom of the tool box:
Click on the FILL SWATCH to make sure it is on the top of the STROKE SWATCH
Click on the small "gradient swatch" right below - it will apply a defalt gradient to the rectangle that you selected (white to black)

You will need to change it to black to white gradient.

Open Gradient Palette (Window > Gradient):

You can drag the WHITE slider all the way to the right, and black slider - all the way to the left.


Use the Gradient tool:

and drag with it right-to-left on the rectangle:





#3 - value scale - black&white photos

Find black and white photos in magazines or online and create a value scale using the photos. You can crop them any way you want to select the best part of it to represent a specific value. use previous value scales as a reference.

Once you saved your photos on the computer - create a contact sheet and print it out.

Cut the photos to fit in each sqare. Glue them on.

#4 - value scale - text

Find and cut out areas of text in magazines that will create a value scale.