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typography texture

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Use typography to fill in the landscape.

Attempt to create different values and textures:

  • darker and larger elements in the foreground
  • smaller and finer fonts in the background
  • choose round, pointy, heavy, and thing typefaces for different textures.


assignment details:

Open the file.

There are two layers in the file:

  • Drawing layer (locked) - holds the image template. Do not do anything on that layer!
  • Work layer - holds the shapes (pink) to use for clipping groups with the text areas.

Start with the foreground area:

Draw a text box for the front shape.

Make it bigger than the shape.

Experiment with font settings (Character panel). This area being the closest - you want to make it dark and detailed. Look for a detailed, but bold font.

  •  Use "Justify" paragraph setting. 
  • Then experiment with tracking and leading.
  • Type > Type Orientation
  • Consider using Type on Path tool.

To curve the text - use any of the following:

  • Object > Envelope Distort > ... with Warp
  • Object > Envelope Distort > ... with Mesh
  • Effect > Warp > Arch (and the rest of the options)

For extra texture - try:

  • Effects > Distort > Roughen
  • Effects > Distort > Pucker & Bloat

Once you are done with the texture and the font appearance - use the appropriate shape on the right and drag (option-drag) it over the front shape.

Object > Arrange > Bring to front - to bring the pink shape above the text area.

Now you can use it as a Clipping shape.

Select the text area and the pink shape.

Object > Clipping Mask > Make

You are done with the first shape!!!

Continue with the rest of the shapes.

Have fun!