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textures and patterns


by JuliannaKunstler.com

Visual activity across a surface is a pattern when the structure forming the pattern based on consistent and repeated relationships.

Visual activity across a surface is a texture when the structure forming the texture is based on irregular and random relationships over given areas. Textures are organic and natural.


texture and patterns


Use the worksheet and a black ball pen (or thin marker) to draw a series of patterns and textures.

Have a variety of textures. Include the textures below:

soft, smooth, rough, skin, wood, floral, water, fuzzy, grassy, paper

Fill in the entire square with each pattern. Texture (design elements) should be small, detailed, and complex enough to create a texture feel.

Do not use pencils.

Do not use any other colors.

All 12 areas should be completed.

Select your best six designs.

Cut them out.

Glue them onto black construction paper for a nice presentation.