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Target Audience


by JuliannaKunstler.com


Target audience, is a specific group of people at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at.

Find four ads that would fit each of the categories:


college students

heavy metal rock audience

elderly people

Attach each ad to a critique page where you have to explain how the design of the ad fall into the category:

What is the target audience?

What is being advertised? (product, service, political ideas, etc.)

What is the color scheme of the ad? How many colors are used?

How does the color scheme support the product to make it attractive for the audience?

How does the color scheme appeal to the target audience?

Is there an emphasis in the ad?

How many typefaces are used in the ad? What typefaces are used and how they support the product? What is the color of the text?

Is there a lot of text? Is it easy to read? How much of this text would you read?

How many images are used in the ad? Are they big or small? Are they easily seen? Are they good quality?

Overall impressions:

do you like the flow of the ad? why?

is it simple, elegant, busy, confusing