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Road Signs

symbol problem

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Immediate, practical communication is the primary function of the road sign. You need to be straight to the point and cause an immediate reaction.

With this in mind, design 3 road signs. Choose any 3 messages that you would like to convey:

  • ant farm
  • paint-ball area
  • cactus plantation
  • fortune teller
  • target range
  • botanical gardens
  • kite flying area
  • school parking lot
  • knitting area
  • beauty stop
  • wi-fi access
  • classical music ahead
  • hot-air balloon landing
  • zombie crossing
  • memory upgrade
  • fresh apple pie smell ahead
  • nuclear plant
  • Bermuda triangle


visual basics

R. & J. Wilde
Visual Literacy
ISBN 0-8230-5620-1



watermelon farm


paratrooper landing

chess playing area

earthquake / fault line


Morse texting area

caterpillar sanctuary

baseball field ahead


Execute each solution as a finished piece in black.

If the concept dictates, use an additional color.

Simplify and stylize image as much as possible but make sure the message is still clear.

Use mostly silhouettes.

Use worksheets to sketch your ideas.

Chose your best solutions and execute them.