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figure / ground

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Using Figure/Ground Gestalt principle, create 3 (three) black-and-white designs, using your name or initials as graphic elements.

Use a simple black shape as a background (circle, square, rectangle, lines, etc...)

Use white text elements.

You can: resize, overlap, rotate, flip, reposition, and shuffle the letters.

You can add additional elements/shapes if it is needed for the design.

The design should be simple, black-and-white, maximum use of positive/negative space relationship.

Don't be afraid of cropping letters - remember the Closure Gestalt principle.



Create a new 3" x 3" document in Canva.

Place a simple shape onto artboard.

Make it black.

Start with your initials.

Make them white.

Experiment with fonts and font sizes.

Try to take up as much black space as possible.

Work with the other letter.

Try different placements.

Remember, you can rotate and overlap!

The fonts do not need to be the same for the letters.

Experiment and see what works best for your goal.

You can add - if you want to - additional graphic elements to support your design....

... not to distract from it.

All add-ons should not attract more attention than the design itself, otherwise the message will become confusing.

Less is more!

You can lock the background shape to keep it in place as you experiment with letters.

Once you are happy with your design - add another page to the document.

Experiment with another background shape and a different design approach - different fonts, angles, etc.

Then try your full name (first or last).

If you have many letters in your name - make the letters a different color while you are working with them.

When you are done moving them around - you can change the letters to white color.

See if it is worth adding extra graphics.....

... or not.

You won't know until you've tried.

Be creative with letter placement and size.

Make sure you align elements to each other.

There should be order and logic in your design. Otherwise it will look messy.

Download all 3 designs and submit them for a grade.