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double exposure

opacity settings

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Double exposure. Layer opacity. Intro to Photoshop. Visual Literacy assignment.

Combine two photographs to create a message or express an emotion

Blending of the images should be seamless and not obvious.

You can achieve this effect by:

  • Changing top layer's opacity
  • Erasing sharp edges of the top image with soft transition effect

Here is your plan of action:

1. Think of two images you would like to combine.

2. Find them, save them, and open in Photoshop

3. Combine them into one file

4. Change top layer's opacity

5. Blend the edges

6. Crop if needed and save.


layer opacity. layering images


Open both saved images

Detach one of the images from the tab group.

Select Move tool from the Tool box

Drag the top image onto the main one

Both images will become one file

Check Layers palette.

(If you do not see it - go to the Menu bar:

Image > Layers

Dragging an image onto another one creates a new layer.

With the top layer selected, change its opacity so you can see through it.

Position the top layer as you want.

If you need to resize it - Go to the Menu bar:

Edit > Free Transform (or keyboard shortcut Ctrl T (Command T))

Resize and rotate if needed.

Apply transformation: ENTER (Return)

Once you position the top layer as you planned, it's time to soften the edges of the top layer to blend it into the background.

Select Eraser tool from the Tool box.

Change Eraser's settings in the Options bar.

Set Hardness to 0. This will create soft edges to the Eraser tool.

Change size to appropriate diameter.

Change Eraser's opacity in the Options bar.

Choose about 50-60%.

Start erasing the edges.

To change the cursor brush size shortcut is to press [ or ] keys on your keyboard.

Complete the blending.

Use Crop tool if needed. Hit Enter to apply cropping.