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  • Create a design for a dice board game.
  • Include directions sheet
  • Make game prototype including all pieces
  • Design and produce packaging
  • Marketing campaign


board game examples


step 1

Think of a theme (subject matter) for the game (medieval, pirates, butterflies, ocean, underground, etc)

Think of images that will support the theme.

Do all necessary research on the topic.

Use worksheet to write down words associated with the theme.

Ex: castle. unicorn, knight, horse, rock bridge, dragons, etc.

step 2

Create the rules based on the theme. Consider the following questions:

1. What is the objective of the game?
Get somewhere, rescue somebody, escape from somewhere, find something, collect bonus points, be the first one to get to a point, etc

2. Who are the players? How many players can play? Do players follow the same path?

3. What are the start and end points? Where are the players at the beginning of the game and what is their goal and the purpose of the journey?

4. What obstacles are there for the players to set them back, quit, stop, or change the rout?

5. What advantages can the players get to move forward? Are there any shortcuts? Are there any perks or "lucky" steps?

step 3

What layout will work better for your game?

What is the shape of the field itself? It does not need to be a rectangle.

Start sketching concept thumbnails.

Mark Start and Finish spots.

How many players can play?

Do players follow the same path?

How many Start and Finish spots do you need?

May be all players come to the same finish spot?

Is the play field going to be a side view or a top view?

What is the general shape of the path?

What is the direction of the move (up, down, return to start, etc.) ?

Are there any hidden paths?

step 4

Design the board. Use full size drawing paper.

Start with the background / setting. Include possible "obstacles" and "advantage" spots.

Add start and end spots.

Add obstacles that would slow down the players.

Add advantage spots.

Draw the path that will go through action spots.

Draw step spaces along the path.

Mark return spaces.

Use arrows or signs (ex.: return 3 spaces).

Mark advance spaces with arrows or signs.

Mark other actions (skip turn or skip 2 turns, etc).

step 5

Create the board & play pieces

step 6

Write down and design the game rules

step 7

Design marketing campaign

step 8

Design and create packaging / ad

step 9

Test the game based on your rules.

Any adjustments needed?

step 10