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typography & symbols

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Design an Alphabet poster with the following requirements:

  • Choose a theme (science, art, video games, super heroes, things you like, etc.)
  • Choose a typeface (letterforms) that would fit your theme
  • Design a symbol for each letter

All symbols should be of the same style. They should look like they "belong together".

Symbols can be hand drawn, then scanned, and converted to a vector image in Adobe Illustrator.

Symbols can be created by utilizing and modifying images from internet (Image trace option and/or Pathfinder panel)

You are going to work in Adobe Illustrator.

Create a 11x17 document.

Things to consider:


  • blocky
  • hand drawn
  • sketchy
  • line designs
  • positive/negative shapes
  • arrangement of shapes


  • full color
  • limited colors (pick 1-3 colors)
  • black and white
  • greyscale

Start with choosing a theme.

Think of a word for each letter.

Sketch it.

Then do a research.

Explore different styles of icons.

Explore typefaces to match the style of your icons/theme.


examples of styles: