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Portfolio critique paper

Review all art pieces that you created during the semester.

Write an art critique on your portfolio pieces.
The critique should be no less than 1000 words.
It should include:

  • Description of the techniques and the processes that you used.
  • How many pieces are in your portfolio? Are they all completed?
  • How did you grow as an artist from your earliest piece to the latest.
  • What did you learn by working on these pieces?
  • What are the strong parts of your projects?
  • What are the weak parts of your projects?
  • Looking backĀ  - what would you do differently?
  • Your thoughts, ideas, reflections, etc.
  • Your own evaluation of your art portfolio. What grade is fair?

Grading rubric:


Does not meet requirements

Meets requirements

Exceeds requirements

1000 words




Written in full sentences with proper punctuation & spelling




Correct description of the process




Self evaluation, reflection




Art vocabulary usage




Includes summary