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surrealist painting

color scheme

by JuliannaKunstler.com

painting booklet

Use your color scheme painting booklet as a reference for this assignment.

Paint a surrealist work that will include:

1. at least one otter

2. at least one hedgehog

3. at least one lizard

4. at least one building / structure with proper linear perspective

5. at least one body of water (lake, waterfall, river, puddle, bathtub, etc.)

6. at least one flying object

7. at least one plant or tree

All elements should somehow interact with each other.

8. use the colors from you booklet color scheme

9. use at least 3 different texture painting techniques

10. proper lighting and shadows

11. proper perspective


The rest of it can be as bizarre as you want it.



1. Plan out and sketch carefully.

2. Decide on a light source.

3. Plan out the use of colors. You can use watercolors over your sketch to give you an idea. Experiment.

4. Execute the work in full size. Make sure you have fun!!!