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painting booklet

color mixing

by JuliannaKunstler.com




side 1

Saturated mixtures for a color scheme

Include the paint names that you used under each swatch.

Value Swatch Range Scale

Start with a hue in the center.

Then paint tints and shades.

Textural Paint Handling

Protect edges with masking tape.

Start with painting the base colors.

Let them dry.



Make sure you protect the areas around the spattering swatch.


Paint this swatch with your darker color.

When your background is dry - dab a sponge into a lighter shade of the color. After it is dry - dab even lighter value. Dry.

Then use your second color and finish it up with dabbing a few areas.


Use gel medium.

Let each layer dry before applying the next one.


Use gel medium and a palette knife.


Paint the first color and let it dry completely. Pick the lighter color of the two.

Have your scratch tool ready (brush handle, paper clip, etc.)

Paint the top color and draw your texture (or design) before this paint dries.


I suggest you add some Drying Retarder to slow down the drying.

Desaturation options

side 2

Flip the booklet.

The first and last sections will serve as coveres. Leave them blank for now.

Color variations