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Time is Money

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by JuliannaKunstler.com



Create a poster that would convey the message: "Time is Money""
Find pictures, if needed - take your own. Number of images to use is up to you.
Final image can be in full color, in black and white, or limited colors.
Poster should convey a message. Think: What does the statement mean to you? Is it that Time is precious? Or is it that Time should not be wasted? Or is it that you need to spend your time making money? You decide! Think about the concept.
How can you convey this concept? What images you need?
Start combining them.

Note: Your poster should include some type. It can be the message itself, or your modification of it. Type should be treated as visual element. Do not just type words!! Make them part of your design!

Quality of selections
Use of typography as design element
Blending images (color and contrast)
Overall aesthetical value
Does the poster convey the message?