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Keyboard Shortcuts for Illustrator


by JuliannaKunstler.com



menu commands MAC PC
Copy Command C or F3 Ctrl C or F3
Cut Command X or F2 Ctrl X or F2
Paste Command V or F4 Ctrl V or F4
Fit on Screen Command zero Ctrl zero
Lock selection Command 2 Ctrl 2
Unlock all Command-Option 2 Ctrl-Option 2
Undo / Redo Command Z Ctrl Z
Save Command S Ctrl S
Select All Command A Ctrl A
Repeat the last command Command D Ctrl D
Zoom in Command + Ctrl +
Zoom out Command - Ctrl -
Zoom to 100% Dbl-click Zoom tool Dbl-click Zoom tool
Navigate inside the image Hold SPACEBAR Hold SPACEBAR
Fit Image on Screen Dbl-click Hand Tool Dbl-click Hand Tool
Drawing a perfect Circle or Square Hold Shift Hold Shift
Draw a shape from Center Hold Option Hold Option
Draw horizontal or vertical lines Hold Shift Hold Shift
Select multiple shapes Hold Shift Hold Shift
Make copy while dragging Hold Option Hold Alt
Display/Hide Palettes and Tools Tab Tab
Add/subtract sides, points, spiral segments Up or Down Arrow (while dragging) Up or Down Arrow (while dragging)
Release Guide (turns it into a regular path) Cmd-Shift-double-click Cmd-Shift-double-click