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Create nine self-portraits using pictures of yourself and images from the web.

Turn your face into something (or somebody) you are not. Place your face onto other people's bodies or turn yourself into a fish, an elephant, or whatever your heart desires.

Here are some ideas:

  • animal
  • alien
  • vintage poster
  • horror movie ad
  • vegetable
  • underwater
  • object
  • painting
  • cartoon character
  • old photo
  • jellyfish
  • ghost
  • food item
  • etc....

The nine self-portraits should be done using different techniques and approaches (do not place your face over somebody's photo 9 times!)
Do not use filters to just add a "cool effect". All filters should be justified!!!!



Step 1 - photos

Download a picture of yourself to the computer. You can use the same photograph for all nine portraits, or use different ones.
Download photographs that you want to use for your portrait "transformation".
All photographs should be good quality.

Keep in ming that the final portrait will be a square. That means that some cropping will occur.

Step 2 - combining photos

Create a new file in PS:

  • Resolution: 200
  • Image size: 5" x 5"

Work on one portrait at a time. Be creative.

You can create a new file for each of the nine portraits. This will keep the file size manageable.

Save each portrait as a separate file.

Special attention to the quality of the selections, blending techniques, color and contrast matching.

Step 3 - putting together

1. Open New file: 15 x 15 inches, resolution 200ppi.

Save it.

2. Place the grid: View>Show>Grid

3. Set the grid size:

Edit>Preferences>Guides, Grid&Slices
Grid line every: 5 in Subdivisions: 1

4. Open you first portrait file.
Merge all Layers.
Choose Crop Tool. Hold Shift and define your cropping area - it should be a square. Hit Enter.
Choose Move Tool. Drag the image onto the newly created file.

Close the portrait file. Do Not Save the changes!!!!! You want to still be able to go back and use the layers if necessary.

5. Repeat the steps with the rest of the portraits. Resize them to fit their cells in the grid. Remember to hold Shift while resizing to constrain proportions.

6. Compress/optimize it into a JPEG file and submit.