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The final is worth 25% of your semester grade.

There are TWO parts to your final exam. You need to recreate two images using appropriate applications.

final projects

Photoshop: 50%

Illustrator: 50%


part 1: Photoshop assignment

Open and save these three images.

Use Photoshop to recreate the image on the left.

(You do not need to type the word "FINAL" across the image :)).


Based on the book "Photoshop. Classroom in a Book".

Step suggestions:

  • Open all images.
  • The boats image - straighten it up (crop tool).
  • Convert the Background layer into Layer 0 before you can place the sky image behind it. Replace the sky. Think before you start selecting the sky. What is the easiest (and fastest) way to select it and delete? Adjust settings in the Options bar so you don't delete too much.
  • Note that the sky is lighter on my image.
  • See how my boats image is more contrasted than the original one? Adjust this too (use Levels adjustments).
  • Select the wing. Remember, you can adjust selections using Quick Mask mode.
  • Note that the wing is more transparent towards the bottom of the image. It is not uniformly transparent. Use Eraser options to achieve this effect

Grading points:

  • Quality of the selections
  • Contrast and color adjustments
  • Transparency effects
  • Craftsmanship

part 2: Illustrator assignment

Download the template.

Use Illustrator to recreate the image.

(You do not need to type the word "FINAL" across the image).

Click on the image to enlarge it if needed.

Step suggestions:

  • First - do not attempt to use Photoshop for this assignment. Make sure you have Illustrator open - it is going to be a vector image.
  • Lock the layer with the template image.
  • Create a new layer to start tracing.
  • Use Pen and Shapes tools to trace the image.

Start with the body-tail shape.

Make sure each part of the fish is a closed shape!!!!

Use contrasted stroke color while tracing to see the shapes.

Draw the fins (five):

Each fin is a separate closed shape!

Use a different stroke color.

Use Pathfinder palette to add the stripes on the fish.

Remember to COPY the main body shape and PASTE IN FRONT of a newly created stripe shape.

You need at least two shapes selected for Pathfinder to work.

Use Intersect option in the Pathfinder palette to leave the overlapped area.

Repeat the steps with each stripe.

Add eyes and spots - use Ellipse tool.

Apply colors and gradients

Here are the palettes that you definitely want to use in this project.

Remember to select a shape to fill it with color/gradient

Switch to Gradient color mode.

Use Gradient tool to change the direction of a gradient

Use shapes with gradients, with or without stroke.

Change transparency for certain shapes

Add a blue rectangle as a background

Grading points:

  • Shapes accuracy
  • Gradients and colors accuracy
  • Transparency and effects
  • Craftsmanship