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Layout in InDesign

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by JuliannaKunstler.com



Create a poster, that will include:

  • illustration
  • title
  • fable text
  • moral

Arrange your image and text in Adobe InDesign. This is a publishing application that allows you to create layouts for printing materials: from flyers and brochures to books and magazines.

Guidelines checklist:


  • limit fonts to two (2) - maximum three;
  • don't combine fonts that are similar in appearance - like two fancy complex fonts;
  • maint text font should be readable - use classical serif fonts - they are easier for the eyes. Leave the more complex font to the title (if that);
  • use appropriate font sizes
  • alignment
  • indicate paragraphs
  • DO NOT stretch fonts!!!
  • font color should be contrasted to the background for easy reading.

Special Effects

  • Use them (drop shadows, fading, glowing, etc.) very carefully! Don't use more that one!


  • use the entire artboard!


  • stick to a color scheme, use colors from your illustration

Plan the layout

Plan your layout. It does not have to look like the example above. Here are some other ideas:


Launch Adobe InDesign


Set the paper size to TABLOID (11" x 17")

Set ORIENTATION to Landscape (as shown)

Margins are optional. You can leave the default setting of 3 points or make them 1 or 2.

Click OK

You will have your Document open.

The red lines are the printing margins that you set. Do not place anything outside them - it will not get printed.

To place your picture in the document:

File > Place

Pictures are not physically placed in the document as they would in Microsoft Word, but they are linked to to picture file instead (like web page). This is done to minimize the file size. But, it you move or delete the picture file - it will be gone from the InDesign document as well.

Once the image is placed, you need to resize it to fit the document.

You will be using 2 tools to do that. The reason is - One tool (black arrow) - will resize the image holder (a "window" that shows the image), another tool (white arrow) will resize the actual image.

Important: HOLD SHIFT as you resize!!!

Choose Selection tool
Resize the image holder.
Choose Direct Selection Tool
Hold SHIFT and resize the image
Choose Type tool

Drag a text box and type the name of the fable

You can split the title into parts

Choose appropriate fonts for the title parts.

You can use setting in the Options bar at the top or open a Character palette (Window > Type&Tables > Character)

Paste the fable

Paste the moral of the fable into a separate text box.

You can use shape tools to emphasis certain parts of the fable. You can use any appropriate color or shape.

Just click and drag

(I am emphasizing the moral)


The rectangle will appear in from of the text box.

You will need to rearrange the items and place the rectangle behind the text

Select the rectangle

Object > Arrange > Send to back

Go to Paragraph palette to set text alignment.

You can change the colors of the font too.

Don't forget to create a text box for your name.

Save the file.


Optional: You can save a copy of it in PDF format.

When done - print!