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pinch pot

with elements of sculpture
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by JuliannaKunstler.com


Create a pinch bowl no smaller that the size of your open hand.

Remember to rotate the bowl to keep the wall thickness consistent. Once the bowl is done - add sculptural elements (think: animals, plants) and textural elements (imprints, scratching, texturizing...).

Remember to score and slip when attaching elements.

When your piece is leather dry and almost done: use a damp sponge or wet bruch to smooth every surface, except for texturized.

Scratch YOUR NAME on the bottom side!!!



After bisque firing:

Glaze the inside of the bowl. first. Three even layers.

Then glaze the outside with multiple colors. Important: Do not leave any unglazed areas as they will look bad after firing.

You DO NOT GLAZE the BOOTOM of the bowl! If you accidentally got some flaze on the vottom side - wipe it off with a wet sponge. You do not want your art piece to stick to the bottom of the kiln, right? And, by the way, ruining the kiln too...