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Candle holder with a lid

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by JuliannaKunstler.com



You will use a slab technique to create a candle holder with a lid. You can use any basic form: a box, a cylinder, etc.....

Here is an example of a cylinder based piece. (images are coming soon)

Start with rolling a slab.

Use any cylindrical object to assist you in forming a cylinder.

Follow all usual steps (score & slip) to close the form. Then add a bottom and a top pieces to completely enclose your cylinder.

Smooth the surface. Let it leather dry.

Use a ruler and measure the cutting line. It should be very precise.

Use needle tool to start cutting (do not use knife). Slowly cut through the walls of the cylinder. It might take a few times, but do not rush this part. You do not want to deform the cylinder and you do want to get a clean cut.

Smooth both cut surfaces.

Roll a "