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texture balls

implied texture on a sphere
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texture ball

The purpose of this assignment is to apply patterns or designs on a specific surface.

That means you need to distort and warp the patterns to make them support the form.

You can add shading and coloring to make every ball look 3D.


texture circles
texture balls
texture spheres
texture balls
texture circles
texture balls


Draw 5 big circles on a 15"x15" illustration board.


Add a 1" border.

Add at least another 20 circles behind the first five.

Make them all different size.

Have them overlap.

Apply different textures, patterns, and designs to the balls.

Each design should be unique.

Keep in mind, that the design should "wrap around" the ball.

You can use a permanent marker (or color pencils, watercolor, etc.)

the last thing to do

Fill in the background with a bright contrasted color. Use colored pencils or paint.

ballballballsballstexturetexture ball

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