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block in 3 point perspective

with a cutout

by JuliannaKunstler.com

block in 3 point perspective

Use 3 point perspective to build a block with a simple cutout.

blocks in perspective:

basic 3 point

basic construction

advanced 3 point

advanced construction


3 vanishing points

Place two vanishing points on the horizon line, and one vanishing point at the bottom of the page.

picture plane

Place a dot - the closest corner of the block.

receding lines

Connect the dot with all three vanishing points.


Mark the back corners of the block

box in 3 point perspective

Draw 2 receding lines from the bottom vanishing point to the back corners of the block.

Draw 2 receding lines from left and right vanishing points to the back corners of the block.


The block is done now.

Outline the visible parts of the block.

grid in perspective

Use the 2 point grid aproach for the top grid.

dividing corners

Divide the three closest corners into grid marks.

You can use the "post" method or "eyeball" the marks reducing the space between them as you move away from the front corner.

apply grid

Connect each mark with at least two of the vanishing points.

block in 3 point perspective

Now, that the block is done...

advanced block


Mark a cutout area.

Erase everything inside it.


Define the three visible inside surfaces - draw the three receding lines through the corners.

inner grid

Pick a side in the cutout ares:

From the points, where the grid-lines stop at the edge of the cutout - draw receding lines.

receding lines

Repeat the step on the other side.

side grid
side grid

Now the bottom side of the cutout is completed.

Repeat the steps on the other two surfaces of the cutout.

value shading

Complete the drawing by outlining all visible parts and coloring.

final view

Finished drawing