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vector challenge

Adobe Illustrator assignment

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Vector octopus drawing. Adobe Illustrator assignment for beginners. Lesson plan.

In this lesson:

  • Drawing shapes
  • Modifying paths
  • Pathfinder
  • Gradients
  • Symbols
  • Gradient mesh
  • Shapes order

Recreate the image following the steps below.

Pay attention to how everything is done. Do not skip steps.


final vector image of octopus



Download the template from the link above.

Open the template image in Adobe Illustrator.

Open Layers palette (Window > Layers)

Lock the template layer.

recreating an image with vector shapes

Create a new layer.

This is where you are going to draw your image.

illustrator layers

For more complex images you might want to create more layers.

adobe illustrator shapes

Always look for the largest main shape and start with it.

Use any approach you feel fit to recreate shapes.

That can include drawing with Pen tool or shapes.

adobe illustrator shapes

Utilize Pathfinder to match the shapes where needed.

Some of the shapes that represent shadows or highlights can be set to lower Opacity for better blending.

Just saying...

adobe illustrator shapes

Helpful hints:

You can keep shapes temporary transparent while you working with them to see the template.

You can lock a shape (or multiple shapes): Object > Lock and Object > Unlock All

You can select a specific shape in the Layers palette

Use Symbols for repeating details