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environmental awareness


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Environmental awareness poster assignment. Photoshop and Illustrator. Lesson plan.

ALL graphic design products are designed to send a message to an audience. Some of those messages like Awareness Posters that try to raise the awareness of these issues and get sometimes to get individuals to do something (donate to a cause) or even get involved.

Directions/Project Objectives

Create a poster using Photoshop, Illustrator, or both that utilizes features of either program and illustrates (conveys a message) a current environmental issue (planet earth) using images and text.

  • Pollution
  • Energy Conservation
  • Recycling
  • Global Warming - Climate Change
  • Polar animals
  • Oceans

Your poster should demonstrate:

  1. Integration of text and image
  2. Use of composition, color, shape, line, space, emphasis, balance, & contrast
  3. Clarity of message on topic

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environmental awareness poster
environmental awareness poster
environmental awareness poster
environmental awareness poster
environmental awareness poster



Select a current environmental issue impacting planet earth to use for your poster. 

Research this topic and brainstorm ideas, and visuals that could be used (make a list or word map).

Develop slogans or find slogans (sayings about your topic) and write these down as well. 

Print this out, and get your ideas approved by me, before staring the next step.


Find photo (large), or even take them yourself using your camera phone or a digital camera.

Additionally you may use the following sites for photos:


Create a New document in Photoshop at 12 X 18 inches at 240 ppi.


Use Cinematic Color Grading.

Follow the link above to complete the tutorial.

Use Creative Techniques to manipulate the image.


Reflection Questions
Assess your work by addressing these questions:

  • What message is being communicated to the viewer?
  • How does the choice of font relate to the message and/or design?
  • How have I created contrast between the lettering color and background/symbol?
  • How have I created contrast between the lettering style and symbol?
  • How does the image contribute to the effectiveness of the message?
  • How does color, shape, and line contribute to the success of the poster?
Project Vocabulary
Ad campaign, graphic designer, design brief, posters, symbols, composition, color, shape, form, line, space, emphasis, balance, contrast

BE ABLE TO DO (skills of literacy, numeracy, communication, thinking, planning, production, etc.; start with a verb such as: describe, explain, show, compare, synthesize, analyze, apply, construct, or solve.) 

Students will be able to: 
  • Explain the purpose of a poster
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Explain how designers get their messages across
  • Use a word map to generate ideas
  • Create a phrase that communicates an idea
  • Research specific issues relating to Planet Earth
  • Recognize the differences in type (lettering styles)
  • Work in teams to analyze their work
  • Design a poster that communicates a message about a current issue, i.e. Planet Earth
  • Participate in a critique
  • Write a paragraph selecting one poster that successfully accomplishes its purpose and explain why you selected it

UNDERSTAND (big ideas, principles, generalizations, rules, and the “point” of the discipline or topic within the discipline.)

Students should understand that...
  • Posters communicate messages through expressive qualities of composition, placement, and orientation of letters
  • Simple shapes can become symbols that are easy to recognize
  • Different styles of lettering communicate a wide variety of ideas
  • Emphasis is an important principle of design
  • Color is an important element in creating a specific mood or feeling.
  • Designers brainstorm ideas and experiment with sketches before selecting the final ones


Students should be able to:

  • Design an appropriate symbol in the spirit of their message
  • Use computer software to create an awareness poster integrating text and image, vivid use of color, line, shape, and clarity of message
  • Identify components of a successful poster
  • Discuss the work of several artists/designers using posters that convey messages to the public
  • Discuss criteria for successful awareness posters
  • Write a memorable slogan
  • Participate in peer-and self-assessment of posters, using accountable talk and new vocabulary
  • Research information on the issue, using the Internet