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"I shrunk myself!!!"

by JuliannaKunstler.com

iSmall!! I shrunk myself! Adobe Photoshop assignment.

If I was small... I could do this.....

Think of what you could do (job, activity, etc.) if you were small....

Start with planning and sketching.

Take photographs of yourself and (or) your friends doing a particular activity.

Combine them with an appropriate background.

Make it as realistic as possible (adjust color balance, light, shadows, reflections, etc.).

Add shadows, reflections, etc

Have fun!


I shrunk myself assignment
I shrunk myself assignment
I shrunk myself assignment
I shrunk myself. Photoshop assignment.
I shrunk myself assignment

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out of scale
i small
i small


1. What's your story?

Invent a situation. Look for images that you will use as a setting for your situation.

Carefully select the right image. Keep in mind - you will have to interact with the picture.

You can combine 2 or 3 photos to create the setting "just right".

Make sure this is a good quality image.

2. Action

Ask a friend to take some action photos of you. Pretend you are busy doing something in the background image. Have a few pictures taken from different angles.

Make sure the angle of your character matches the overall setting.

Consider the light source as well.

You can have more than one "you" in your story.

3. Tell the story

Do your magic in Photoshop.

Adjust color, shadows, values to match the setting.

Have fun!!