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distort filters

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You are going to create a globe of Wisconsin.

Use Spherize filter to curve a flat image.


spherize filter


open file

Open the map file.

layer palette

Double-click on background layer to convert it to regular layer.

selection tools

Select Elliptical marquee Tool

Make a large circular selection of the map. Hold Shift for a perfect circle.

select menu

Select > Inverse to select the area outside the circle.

remove background

Hit Delete or Edit > Clear to remove the background.

spherize filter


Select > Inverse again to select the area inside the circle.

Time to spherize the image:

Filter > Distort > Spherize

Use the default setting of 100%

combine images

Now you can drag the map onto the globe file.

Use Move tool.

resize selection

Free Transform to resize and reposition the map.

rotate selection

While you're at that - tilt the map to match the globe axis.

render filter

To add a shadow:

Filter > Render > Lighting Effects

lighting effects

Adjust the settings for the filter.

Make it look as realistic as you can.

The setting might be still too strong for the needed effect. That means you might want to fade the filter's effect after you apply it. Once you hit the OK button in the filter window, go directly to the next step>

fade filter

Edit > Fade ......

fading opacity

Play with the setting until you are happy with it!

lens flare

To add a highlight to the globe:

Filter > Render > Lens Flare

Position it as shown.

Select brightness.

fade an effect

Fade the flare if needed.