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Earth Creation Myths

Photoshop project

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Photoshop assignment: Earth Creation Myth poster. Illustratration of the most bizarre legends.

Illustrate an existing Earth Creation myth.

Make it as real as possible.

Incorporate text into the poster.

Find the most bizarre legend and have fun with it!


Earth creation myth illustration
Earth creation myth illustration
Earth creation myth illustration


1. Research

Explore different cultures to find out how people used to explain the creation of the Earth.

2. Save

Save a link or create a document to save the text of a myth.

3. Plan

Sketch out your idea first. This will help you to organize your thoughts and to plan your strategy.

Collect images that you might need. Make sure they are good quality images.

Plan your approach to creating any extra graphics.

4. Create

Now it's time to have fun!!!

Photoshop time!!!!

Create a new file:

  • 11"x17"
  • resolution 300

Utilize layer styles, filters, effects, etc.

5. Finalize

Create a new file in Illustrator: 11"x17"

Place the Photoshop file onto the artboard.

Add text, header, etc.

If you need to adjust something in the image - do so in Photoshop, and the file will get updated in Illustrator.