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Flash Animation

by JuliannaKunstler.com

This assignment will take you through all steps of a cartoon development. Do not skip on any of the parts, especially preliminary steps, like character development or a storyboard drawing.

Good planning will save you lots of time and frustration later on.

Be creative here. Your characters can be anything or anyone - creatures, objects, even concepts....

Get a drawing paper and a pencils and let's get started.



develop a character

character development

Start with a character development.

Use paper and pencil. Draw multiple sketches from multiple views: front, side, back, etc.

Follow the steps below:

Part 1: Creating Characters Out of Basic Shapes

Part 2: Determining Height and Basic Details

Part 3: Turnarounds

Part 4: Movement Sketches

Part 5: Off Model/On Model

Part 6: Advanced Animation Drawing

While developing drawing your character - consider how you can re-use same symbols. There is no need to redraw EVERYTHING for each view. ....remember.... file size......


Develop a storyboard. What is going to happen to your character? What movements and actions your character will perform? Do you need a side view? Do you need to make it walk, run, jump, etc.... You should plan all of this ahead of time!!!!

Think of your story' setting. What backgrounds do you need?

background background backdrop


Add props. A good idea is to keep them on separate layers.

Start drawing your character based on the sketches.

Draw facial features on a separate layer too. This way you'll be able to change the expressions and make it talk, etc....

Convert what is necessary to symbols. Create Movie Clip Symbols for walking, talking actions.

Part 8: Coloring and Props

Try to have fun with this project. You will add sounds later.